Leave me alone I am an OUTSIDE DEVELOPMENT ZONE hiding – April 24th

FRAGMENTA is holding a 1-day-event with 2 guided tours around “Outside Development Zones” with German artist Erik Göngrich.
You might ask: Outside of what?
Outside of city structures would mean that one finds oneself immediately in nature or immersed in agricultural areas. In such a case, one is in a field, but not in a zone… Visitors are invited to a specific presentation on site, and to participate at a tour to some of these “fields” and discuss them and their zone-ness together with the artist.

For the event, Erik Göngrich will present 2 guided tours lasting each about 45-60 minutes.

Starting times of the performative tours:

Everybody is welcome. The tour is free of charge. The walk is very easy, but better bring good walking shoes if possible.

Link to event on FACEBOOK




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