Press and Comments

One word to describe it ………STUNNING.” JB Malta.

“Watching the film again with a new audience was a surprisingly intense experience, a reminder of the search for accuracy (rather than ‘realism’) that can carry the weight of lived content (emotional, cultural, social and political) and produce its own formal reality with it. That night my dreams were as loud, hysterical, demanding, insistent, driven, paranoid and uncomfortable as that weight is.” Hassan Khan, Egypt

“Without having planned this, I ended up taking part in this lovely Fragmenta Malta event held around my neighborhood. Participants were also rewarded! Love it! Thumbs up!”  Pawlu from Valletta

“Ich kann mich nicht erinnern, seit meiner Ankunft in Malta jemals so viel Frische und Direktheit gesehen zu haben wie bei Fragmenta. Bitte mach’ weiter, bis Du erschöpft umfällst. Viel Glück bei der Suche nach dem nächsten Ort.” MB Valletta

“I want to be part of the next FRAGMENTA!” Diana, Berlin

“What a silly idea. but funny, somehow. I am confused”  Anonymous, Valletta

‘Amazingly beautiful.’ GB Malta.

‘Love it! prosit hafna!.’ MD Malta.

‘Fragmenta, your work is truly stunning.’ KB Malta.

‘Thanks again. That was really weird.’ LW Germany.

‘Magical.’ MR Australia.

“You have the best art in Malta.” RS Malta.

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