The FRAGMENTA-project during Malta Design Week was to showcase postcards – Designed postcards; Over- or underdesigned postcards; Postcards which people have received or even purposely bought; Postcards that are designed in a way that they become awkward, or even outspokenly “wrong” or ugly.
But: What makes a postcard „wrong“?
Are not all postcards supposed to be like that?
Is that not the inherent postcard-essence-an-sich?

We are taking our point of departure from the context of the so-called ‚speculative design process‘ which does not necessarily define a specific problem to solve, but establishes a provocative starting point from which a design process can emerge. We aim at questioning design in order to stimulate discussions.
We also aim at having a bit of fun with design – that is, with postcard design.

The proud result or our international collection of postcards is presented in this video.
FRAGMENTA launched an Open Call collecting postcards from all over the world. The presented postcards originate from the private collections of:
Adrian Abela
Sandra Banthorpe
Marie Bazire
Nicole Bearman
Sean Decelis
Tomoko Goto
Consol Llupia
Bettina Hutschek
Sarianna Mileski
Jovan Mizzi
Christian Sauer
Jo Tabone
Tom Van Malderen


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