Kemmuna Nation – with Mario Asef

FRAGMENTA is taking over the island of Comino on Sunday October 28th, with a conceptual work by artist Mario Asef. Several buildings will be appropriated to present the design of “Kemmuna Nation”. The program includes the inaugural speech, a presentation of Kemmuna Coin cryptocurrency, and a short tour on Comino’s ecosystem. An interactive sound installation is presented in Comino’s abandoned bakery.

The public presentation runs from 2pm until 4.30pm.



“October 28th will be the date: nature declares its own independency. Plants, animals and minerals will unite to build the most powerful nation in the world, leaving behind times of plunder and exploitation through men. This will be the day that the world order will take a new shape. Join us to be witness of the birth of Kemmuna Nation”, Mario Asef announces.

In the age of the Anthropocene, the end is near. The “ideal of a shared world no longer exists”, political philosophy has lost its language, globalization is experiencing a negative reversal. Now, the earth starts fighting back.
Kemmuna Nation speculates with the idea of a global nation constituted by non-humans entities, which organize themselves creating their own economical and political system based on the structures of specific pre-existing interconnections between species.

A series of public events and installations are planed for Sunday, October 28th. Performances start at 2pm.

2pm: Inaugural speech – St. Mary’s Tower
2.30pm: Guided ecological tour (Martin Galea De Giovanni) – between St. Mary’s Tower and bakery
3pm: Sound installation and sound parcours – abandoned bakery
3.30 pm: Cryptocurrency presentation/ Kemmuna Coin (Dr. Terence Cassar) – Comino Hotel
4.45pm: Last departure to Malta (4.45pm from Santa Marija Bay, 5pm from Blue Lagoon)

FRAGMENTA is supported by Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Cultureand is part of the Cultural Program 2018.
This event is organized in collaboration with the NGO Friends of the EarthMalta and Din L’Art Helwa.


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