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The exhibition “The Snake Show” tells the story of the changing perception of snakes throughout history – from prehistoric examples to contemporary perceptions.
Having been a symbol of wisdom, fertility and life, the snake lost its positive meaning with the arrival of St. Paul to Malta, his encounter with a snake, and the advent of Christianity. The symbolic power of the snake symbol, however, has remained undiminished from prehistory to her incorporation into popular Christian devotion and beyond. The exhibition presents art works by contemporary artists as well as research material, archival, documentary objects and found objects. The objects are brought together in an associative way that allows visitors to discover new and old readings of snake tales. Archive films and photography will accompany the exhibition.

Artists Pippin Barr, Anna Block, Carl Gent, Ryan Falzon, Sharon Kivland, Karine Rougier, Sarah Maria Scicluna and others will present snake-related work.

The exhibition is open to the general public from February 2nd through February 11th, and will take place in Valletta.

Opening ceremony on February 2nd, Brigid’s day – who was an ancient goddess. Her festival day, “Imbolc” is traditionally a time for weather prognostication:
“The serpent will come from the hole
On the brown Day of Bríde,
Though there should be three feet of snow
On the flat surface of the ground.”

The exhibition is held at the space formerly called ECOTRACO on 188b St Lucy street, Valletta, just around the corner of St. Paul’s street.

The exhibition is curated by Bettina Hutschek and organized by FRAGMENTA Malta as part of Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Culture and free of charge.


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