Imħabba bl-Addoċċ

We are pleased to invite to a FRAGMENTA with Roxman Gatt on August 23rd from 7pm onwards, with a one-of performance at 8pm.

Roxman’s main inspiration for the upcoming event is fetishisation of objects and brands in a consumer capitalist society, epitomized in men’s love of cars: “I am aware that this car culture is popular in other countries, but I have always been fascinated by Maltese men and their obsession with their ‘Bejbi’ or ‘Angel’.”
The event evolves around sexuality, gender and consumption, and consists of video works, sound, sculpture and a live performance, which will take place in the public car park at Ta Qali, between Meridiana wineyards and the racetrack in front of MFCC.

Doors open at 7pm.
Performance will take place at 8pm sharp.
Afterwards, join us for video screenings and social gathering.

Roxanne Gatt (b. 1989, Mosta, Malta), also known by the pseudonym Roxman Gatt, lives and works in London. The multidisciplinary artist’s work encompasses, text, painting, 3D, video, sound, photography, installation and performance. Roxman’s research explores sexuality, identity, women within popular culture contexts and consumption. Mundane aesthetics and the internet become both a tool and a trigger to produce work.
Roxman was awarded the Chris Garnham Prize (2015) as well as the Magnum Showcase Online Photography Award (2013). Recent exhibitions include: Homo Melitensis: An incomplete inventory in 19 Chapters, Malta Pavilion, Venice Biennale, Venice, IT, The Sacred 419, The Square Gallery, London, UK, Bloomberg New Contemporaries, ICA, London and Bluecoat Liverpool (2016)

FRAGMENTA is open to all public and free of charge.
FRAGMENTA is supported by Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Cultureand free of charge.



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