Techniques to practice levitation and so forth

Techniques to practice levitation: 

Step 1 – Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
Step 2 – Visualize a gigantic ball of Ki in your tan tien.
Step 3 – Flatten this Ki ball into a disc with visualization and will power.
Step 4 – Bring it down to your feet and just outside your body, but below your feet, like the floor.
Step 5 – Visualize this Ki disc turning solid into a plate or a piece of wood.
Step 6 – Visualize it lifting up and lifting you up with it.
This technique takes a lot of time to master. It will take over a year, so please be patient. The more you practice, the higher you will go. To get down, just visualize the plate/wood lowering slowly down again.


Please visit the above mentioned site for learning how to levitate small objects.




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