Fragmenta is pleased to announce its first show: Valletta, Nov 24th

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Fragmenta is pleased to announce its first exhibition : ‘Thoughts on Ideas Toward a Unified Whole’ with artist and photographer Jon Banthorpe (*1974, Portsmouth; lives and works in Valletta).

Fragmenta is presenting a selection of Jon’s photographs, taken in Malta over the last 3 years. His subject matter is daily life, seen in unexpected, nonchalant, fragmented, humorous or even poetic ways. His approach includes a big factor of “chance” by working with sometimes broken or old cameras, expired film stock, or including faulty scanning of the negatives into the process of image-making. His framing however is always very precise.

According to Jon’s subject matter and his aversion of white cube spaces, the exhibition will be spread over the whole city of Valletta. The main starting and ending point will take place in the Gallery Space of Architecture Project (AP) Malta and in the surrounding urban space of Valletta. Visitors are invited to pick up a map at the Gallery space at AP and go on a discovery walk around the city.

The exhibition ‘Thoughts on Ideas Toward a Unified Whole’ will take place on Sunday, the 24th of November 2013 as a 1-Day-Event only.


AP Office (Gallery Space)

4, Sappers Street, Valletta 1320

and surrounding areas.

Opening at noon, 12 o’clock. November 24th.

The Exhibition is open from 12 – 6 pm.

Picture 11

with generous support by AP. Thank you!Picture 12


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