FIELD TRIP – January 22nd, 2-6pm. Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal


We are pleased to announce our first event in 2017: On invitation of FRAGMENTA, Berlin-based German artists Sonya Schönberger and Christof Zwiener have chosen to investigate and have a critical look at the ferry terminal of Cirkewwa, which is the only connection between the islands of Malta and Gozo. The central hall of the waiting area has become the chosen location for the artists’ site-specific interventions. This space, situated between departure and arrival, and thus equipped with a certain “tristesse”, provides a place that activates a transition, but naturally also carries with it a functionality such as can be found all over the world. The artists’ works incorporate the functionality of the space in a critical way and present ephemeral work which picks out as its central theme the relationship between citizen and traveller.
As part of their 3-week residency in Gharb, Gozo (supported by Valletta2018), the interventions by Sonya Schönberger and Christof Zwiener will be presented in form of a FRAGMENTA-event entitled “Field Trip” on Sunday, January 22nd, between 2 and 6PM.

FRAGMENTA is open to all public and free of charge. FRAGMENTA is supported by Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Culture

Sonya Schönberger’s artistic works are usually personal and invite the viewer to enter a realm that allows reflections and confronts the individual with itself. With long term projects she puts herself on a very intimate search for traces.

One of the central motives in Christof Zwiener’s artistic work is the visualisation of the invisible, the easily overlooked parts of our perceptual world. Ephemeral and complex installations of thin yarn or the deciphering of historical traces within public space – both have the same intellectual origin in his work and repeatedly ask the question of how far our perception can go.

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