filfla2For 2015 and the coming years, the FRAGMENTA team has decided to work with a common theme: ISLANDS.

An island is an area of land entirely surrounded by water.

An island is any object or place lost in an extension of a uniform element. Islands tend to be isolated.

Islands can be natural or artificial.

We could add that islands can make you dream, yearn for solitude or concentration, stimulate this “special holiday-feeling”, or form an escape. The island is the elsewhere, the alternative solution. Islands can provoke Island Fever: the realization that you are stuck on whichever island you are living and not going anywhere….

Islands are real or surreal or unreal; Islands are attractive and haunting; Islands are projection ground, deceptive and miraculous; Islands are either too full or too empty; Islands are wonderful.

From this Island of ours, FRAGMENTA is planning to launch a series of “messages in a bottle”, in order to explore possibilities of artistic islands.



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